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Documenting Russian human rights abuses and disinformation campaigns

In January 2022, CIR launched the Eyes on Russia project to collect and verify videos, photos, satellite imagery and other media related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Our objective was to provide journalists, NGOs, policymakers and the public access to verified, trustworthy information.


Since then, the Eyes on Russia project has coordinated research by the wider OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) community including Bellingcat and GeoConfirmed, with support from Advance Democracy, Inc. The database of verified information is the collective product of that community.

Verified information is stored in a database and represented on the Eyes on Russia Map with one simple goal: to provide the world with timely and reliable information concerning the impact of Russia’s invasion on Ukraine and its people.


Building on the original map that was developed and maintained with support from MapHub, CIR collaborated with C4ADS to develop an updated vision for the Eyes on Russia Map.

Eyes on Russia - graph.png
Timeline of the full-scale invasion

Disclaimer: this timeline outlines a number of important events which have taken place in the lead up to, and since, the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine on the 24 February 2022; however, it is by no means exhaustive. CIR acknowledges that this timeline only reflects the latest iteration of the Russian invasion.

This timeline has been created for educational purposes and represents an archive of events.

Military equipment

9 Feb 2022

Build-up of military equipment near the Ukrainian border

Troops ordered into eastern Ukraine

21 Feb 2022

Putin orders troops into Donetsk and Luhansk

Military build up continues

22 Feb 2022

Build-up of Russian troops and military equipment increases despite Russian claims that forces would return to their bases

Ukraine 'special military operation' announced

24 Feb 2022

Putin declares commencement of a 'special military operation' in Ukraine

Military build up continues

27 Feb 2022

Russian units are identified in Kyiv Oblast

ICC statement

28 Feb 2022

The ICC open an investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine

EU application

28 Feb 2022

Ukraine applies to join the EU

Kharkiv cluster bombed

28 Feb 2022

Kharkiv targeted with cluster munitions

Kyiv military activity

1 Mar 2022

Russian military convoy moves closer to Kyiv

Fall of Kherson

2 Mar 2022

Kherson captured by Russian forces

UNHRC inquiry

4 Mar 2022

UN Human Rights Council establishes an inquiry into Ukraine

Brent Renaud shot

13 Mar 2022

Russian soldiers kill American journalist Brent Renaud

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