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Russia finishes sham referendum in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson

27 September 2022

Image Credit: Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters

The sham “referenda” was concluded on 27 September. It took place amid circumstances of intense coercion. The referendums were in part about forcing the physical participation of civilians in the annexation as a tool of psychological control. However, they were also a theatre show for Russians and the outside world.

The presence of so-called “international observers” has been presented in statements by Russian officials, Russia’s Ukrainian collaborators, and by Russian propaganda both in occupied Ukraine and in Russia as evidence that the “votes” were legitimate and fair. Despite having been roundly condemned by experts as a violation of the principles of election observation, these individuals play a key role in Russia’s strategy to attempt to build a façade of legitimacy over its invasion and occupation. Read Eyes on Russia's report below for more information.


Eyes on Russia

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