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Russian disinformation and denial follows the Bucha atrocities

1 April 2022

Image Credit: Maxar/NYT

Following the withdrawal of Russian forces from Bucha on 1 April 2022, hundreds of bodies of civilians and POWs were discovered in Bucha. They displayed signs of torture and summary execution. Many of the bodies had their hands tied behind their backs.

After several months, local investigators found that of the 458 bodies, 419 exhibited signs of torture, had been shot, or beaten to death. In response to worldwide condemnation and media attention, the Russian government and pro-Russian actors attempted to raise doubt over the killings.

Analysis by numerous independent organisations, including the Centre for Information Resilience, discredited these false claims confirming that the atrocities took place under Russian occupation. Read Eyes on Russia's report (below) for more information.


Eyes on Russia

AP News - collaboration


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