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Image by Alina Grubnyak

About CIR

The Centre for Information Resilience (CIR) is an independent, non-profit social enterprise dedicated to exposing human rights abuses and war crimes, countering disinformation and combating online behaviour harmful to women and minorities. CIR was born out of a determination to expose those spreading harm – online and offline – around the world, particularly in areas of violent conflict.

CIR projects in Myanmar, Ukraine and Afghanistan, to name just a few or our projects, are at the forefront of efforts to investigate and document human rights abuses, war crimes, harms targeting women and minorities, and disinformation. CIR works closely with multilateral and national justice accountability bodies.

We achieve our goals through open source research, digital investigations, building the capacity of local partners, and collaborating with media to amplify the impact of our work.

We have an incredible team of project managers, researchers, analysts, OSINT investigators, trainers and subject matter experts working tirelessly on some of the most demanding geopolitical initiatives.

If you are driven by a desire to make a tangible difference in the world, join us in our mission to hold perpetrators accountable and bring justice to affected communities. Be a part of a dynamic and dedicated team where your skills and expertise will contribute to meaningful change on a global scale.


How we work

Our model is centred around autonomous, multidisciplinary teams focused on specific project deliverables which will have been defined at the outset of the project. These may be adjusted over time depending on project developments but always with the goal of furthering our mission. 

These project teams determine their own deliverables and deadlines, as well as select the team members necessary to achieve their objectives. Typically, a project team will consist of:

  • Project directors

  • Project managers

  • Investigators

  • Analysts

  • Researchers

  • Subject matter experts

  • Editors

Open roles

If you're interested in working for CIR, but can't find the right opportunity, please email us here setting out:

  • the role you're interested in

  • your availability

Please also include your CV

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