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Beheadings in Pale Township (GRAPHIC)

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Myanmar Witness investigated reports that three people had been beheaded in Pale township.

Footage emerged online at the end of September 2023 showing the aftermath of a horrific incident in a village somewhere in Pale township, Sagaing region, Myanmar. Myanmar Witness investigators started to collect and analyse the digital evidence of what had happened and who was responsible.

Beheadings in Pale Township

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Three people were beheaded and cut arms and legs by SAC troops in Nyaung Kone village, Pale tsp.

Original source link broken. Archived in OS5053, availble on request.

Beheading in Pale

Myanmar military troops decapitate three men in Sagaing Region’s Pale Township

A MI 17 from Northwest Command landed in In Ma Htee village which is claimed as Pyu village and it left to the west at 1416.

SAC convoy in In Ma Htee village was heading from the south of Tha Yet Kan village to Kant Daunt village. SAC troops from Kant Daunt camp were waiting for them nearby Me Za Yat village.

SAC convoy back to In Ma Htee village from Kant Daunt village and headed to Ta Nei village. There were attacks on SAC convoy by PDFs and SAC troops occupied residential properties and camped in Ta Nei village. Local people from Ta Nei village and nearby villages had to flee.

SAC convoy in In Ma Htee village headed to Ta Nei village.

SAC convoy who camped in Ta Nei village reached Nyaung Kone village.

SAC convoy left Pale tsp and reached Salingyi tsp split up two groups. One was on the road of Aye Kone - Te Gyi and one heading to Kyaing Kha Mauk.

Myanmar Now reported about Pale beheading case

Myanmar military troops decapitate three men in Sagaing Region’s Pale Township

Pro-SAC telegram channel reported that they killed three PDF and occupied some munitions in Nyaung Kone village of Pale tsp.

Other Beheading News

AAPP’s data

Myanmar Junta Troops Behead Resistance Fighter, Shoot Dead Another in Sagaing

Four people found decapitated after junta assault on southeastern Myanmar villages

Junta kill five, beheading four in Tanintharyi’s Taku and Tharrabwin villages

Myanmar regime’s crime is exposed again in full display

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