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Eyes on Russia: Report 7

The Centre for Information Resilience’s “Eyes on Russia” Project maps, documents, and verifies significant incidents related to Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

CIR investigators collate, geolocate, and verify information appearing on social media and claims made by parties to the conflict. Our latest findings can always be found on this Twitter thread.

You can download the report below.

Eyes on Russia Report 7
Download PDF • 3.45MB

Report 7 Summary

Since 20 April, Russian forces have continued to heavily attack and target civilians and civilian infrastructure across Ukraine. Some examples of geolocated footage by CIR investigators includes:

○ Attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure in Odessa.

○ Heavy shelling of the Azovstal factory in Mariupol.

○ A mass grave 18km West of Mariupol.

In the information sphere, CIR has noted wide scale efforts to spread disinformation about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Narratives were particularly focused on the recent developments in Moldova-Transnistria. Kremlin aligned social media channels have amplified social media posts suggesting that Ukraine is attempting to smuggle arms into Moldova-Transnistria amongst other narratives.

CIR’s Director of Investigations, Benjamin Strick, wrote an in-depth report about the Russian occupation of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and possible radiation contamination of Russian soldiers. The report also contains geolocated imagery of Russian troop movements in and around the camp. The full report can be found here.

Important developments have taken place in Transnistria between 25 April to 29 April. Two radio transmission towers carrying Russian signals were destroyed, and an attack took place on the Ministry for State Security.

CIR investigators have published two explainer reports about recent developments of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

Russia’s “International Public Tribunal on Ukraine: This explainer surveys the efforts of Russia to establish a tribunal that gathers information on the “crimes of Kyiv’s regime.” CIR investigators highlight the subjective nature of the panel, and its use as propaganda to further the Kremlin’s agenda in Ukraine. The full explainer can be found here.

The Anti-Ukraine Report Spreading on Telegram: This explainer surveys a report that circulated on Telegram in the days following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The report originates from a channel with suspected ties to Russian security services. The narrative of the report repeats Kremlin propaganda that has been widely used to justify the invasion of Ukraine. The full explainer can be found here.

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