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  • Ross Burley

Launch of the new Eyes on Russia map

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

In January 2022, the Centre for Information Resilience launched the Eyes on Russia map to collect and verify video, photos, satellite imagery and other media information related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

CIR and C4ADS recently joined forces to develop an updated version of the map, which expands the ways investigators can set search terms and interact with the data.

Benjamin Strick, Director of Investigations, Centre for Information Resilience, said:

“The Eyes on Russia Map represents the community’s effort to verify, analyze, and map what has happened in Ukraine since the escalation of Russia’s aggression at the start of 2022. The map aggregates the footage, images, and human stories of the grim toll this unnecessary war has placed on civilian lives. By documenting and archiving this content in a visual, interactive, and shareable format, we hope this will inspire and aid continued efforts for justice, accountability, media, and research. Ultimately, the Eyes on Russia Map aims to be an example of how to shine a light of transparency and accountability wherever the darkest truths are hidden."

Ben explains the features of the new map in the video below.

CIR and C4ADS are committed to providing the world with innovative tools and resources like Eyes on Russia to combat disinformation and influence operations that threaten global democracies and communities.

“Our dynamic and rich "Eyes on Russia" project built in partnership with CIR captures on-the-ground developments surrounding Russia's offensive action in Ukraine is an example of the power of publicly available information (PAI). We intend this data-driven project to serve as a credible source of verifiable information on Russian aggression in Ukraine and as another demonstration of how technology, PAI, and human expertise can create actionable insight for citizens worldwide, " said Larry Henderson, Program Director of Conflict Affected States, C4ADS.

For more information on how the Eyes on Russia project collects, verifies and investigates open source information read Eyes on Russia: Documenting conflict and disinformation in the Kremlin's war on Ukraine on CIR’s website.

The map can be viewed at

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Georgiy Levchuk
Georgiy Levchuk
Dec 08, 2022

Hi Ross, many thanks for excellent work! Is the database or log files with the events used for the "EyesOnRussia" map available for download? Thank you!

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