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SAF occupation of Al-Amal Hospital

Updated: Feb 8

CIR analysts have verified video circulating on 10 July 2023, showing the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) occupying a hospital and setting up firing positions.

Download the PDF version here:

Incident Report SAF Occupying Hospital
Download PDF • 307KB

لقراءة المقال بالعربية

احتلال القوات المسلحة السودانية لمستشفى الأمل
Download PDF • 422KB

On 10 July 2023 a video was shared by an individual on TikTok that showed SAF soldiers occupying a hospital room and setting up a firing position on the road outside (Figure 1, link withheld for privacy reasons).

Figure 1: Screenshot from the footage showing an SAF soldier taking a firing position at window of Al-Amal Hospital [15.628372, 32.552661] Source: TikTok

CIR was able to verify the location at Al-Amal hospitalusing a visible logo and views through the windows (Figure 2 and 3).

Figure 2: A fighter filming himself shows a sign with the logo of Al-Amal Hospital on the wall behind them, aiding the geolocation of the footage [15.628372, 32.552661] Source: TikTok

Figure 3: An aerial shot of Al-Amal Hospital from Google Earth, showing the northern road that the fighters have set up a firing position to cover [15.62804,32.55232] Source: Google Earth

The RSF have been accused by the Preliminary Committee of the Doctors Syndicate of occupying medical sites (seen in a statement posted on Facebook). The SAF have subsequently bombed medical sites that they have claimed are under RSF occupation. This resulted in the destruction of some of Khartoum’s largest hospitals, such as the East Nile Hospital as seen in another video posted and verified by a CIR Investigator.

Figure 4: Bombing of site near East Nile Hospital in Khartoum’s East (East Nile Area). [15.598484, 32.605865].

Source: Twitter

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