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  • Ross Burley

The launch of Afghan Witness

This week, the Centre for Information Resilience was proud to launch Afghan Witness. The project will independently collect, preserve and verify information on human rights incidents and current events in Afghanistan.

In the midst of the chaos of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, getting verified information about events in the country is essential. Afghan Witness' mission is to provide reliable information to international media, NGOs and governments. The project will also give voice to Afghans, helping them to raise awareness about the realities of everyday life - whether enabling them to securely upload data about a human rights incident, or empowering them to tell their stories.

We have already begun to compile what will be one the largest searchable database of verified evidence related to human rights incidents in Afghanistan. Our verified evidence and testimonies will be available in anonymised form, so journalists across the world will have free, reliable content to use in their reporting.

The team is made up of experienced, international open-source investigators and Afghan journalists and researchers. For safety reasons, we keep the identity of most of our team members confidential.

Afghan Witness is funded and supported by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

To read more about the project and get in touch, visit the Afghan Witness website.



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